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A good sports team captain can lead his team to success and recognition; and can help a team play better; whereas, a weak captain with poor leadership skills can hinder a team’s chances of competing and bonding successfully.  Being a sports team captain isn’t just about wearing the captains’ band or just cheering your friends on. It requires a number of things including:

  • the desire to lead by example
  • a passionate belief in team spirit
  • the ability to handle the conflicts that invariably arise when a team is under pressure
  • the desire to put more input into planning the team’s strategies
  • the ability to handle problems which may arise in a fair and expedient manner (eg. disqualifications)
  • the ability to behave professionally and responsibility despite personal feelings of frustration and anger
  • a thorough knowledge of the rules of the game
  • a desire to build relationships with other members of the team, in good times and bad
  • the ability to handle the burden of being captain while still playing in the team
  • the ability to inspire and motivate and raise team morale

Here are the team capacities that our captains must help lead, by setting an example and inviting teammates to join them:

  • Take charge – don’t just rely on the coaches. For example, start the practice on time, even if the coaches are still getting ready or temporarily occupied elsewhere.
  • Always do more than is expected – stay longer, run farther, compete harder.
  • Always take responsibility for your actions – don’t play the blame game. If you make a mistake or cause your team to lose out in some way, own up, face the consequences and move forward – you will be respected more than if you try to wriggle your way out with excuses.
  • Lead your team by actions, not words. Anybody can talk – it is what they do that counts.
  • Don’t put yourself above the rest of the team – just because you have the captain title does not mean that you should have any preferential treatment. A sports team captain is subject to the same rules and consequences as the rest of the team. See yourself as one of the team, otherwise there will be a division between yourself and your teammates.
  • Be dependable and prompt for games and practices (early is always better).
  • Set the expected pre-game atmosphere in the locker room & on the field.
  • Help lead the pre-game warm-up in a serious and appropriate manner.
  • Help set an intense and enthusiastic atmosphere during the game.
  • Display good sportsmanship before, during, and after the game.

All students who believe they are well suited to help serve and lead their teammates as team or class captains should
Apply Online.